Maritime Works Organization


To be the leading Maritime service provider of the country, while ensuring utmost satisfaction of our valued customers


To expand and excel in maritime related businesses thereby providing high level of professionalism and commitment towards people, environment and nation



Maritime Works Organization is considered as the most important pillar by Bahria Foundation that offers some exceptional services related to the field


Established in 1995, one of the most significant pillars of Bahria Foundation, Bahria Maritime Works Organization is engaged in wide range of Maritime Business activities. Some of the salient activities being handled by MWO are:

  • Managing a state of art Boat Building Yard which is capable of manufacturing all kind of small crafts may it by GRP, Steel Hull or Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB).
  • Providing Manning & Crewing services on sea going crafts & Technical Skilled Manpower to Port Qasim Authority, Karachi
  • Shipyard & Engineering Works and Pakistan Navy Dockyard having established it as one of the most experienced in this business.
  • Fabricating 28 Channel Buoys for PQA, thereby making Bahria Foundation as one of the leading manufacturers of channel buoys.
  • Besides this MS Division also provides services in tugging, dredging, diving, surveying etc.


Associate commercial diving with offshore oil industry, includes support for everything from nuclear power plants to bridge inspection and repair to building and repairing wastewater treatment facilities etc.

Professionals of performing multitude of different tasks, and in much more demanding situations than other tradesmen in field.

Provision Of Technical Manpower

Bahria Maritime Services is a leading, autonomous Manpower Supply source involved in the recruitment of Craft Crewing, Riding Teams, Shipyard Workers, and Oil & Energy Professionals.
Bahria Maritime Services have built well-appreciated, rock solid business relationships with government, semi government & independent reputable clients by meeting their requirements efficiently and effectively.

BMS market repute is built upon long-term relationship, reliability and confidence. BMS attest a high level of repeat business and of the fact that many of our patrons come to us through referral.

BMS provides manpower in maritime sector for:

Technical Services

Bahria Maritime providing Technical Services resides of Marine Engineers, Marine Surveyors and Naval Architects who have achieved Professional Experience, got Personal Qualities and conquered set in the Market.

Our Professionals’ knowledge and their field Experiences guarantee the high Excellence of Bahria Maritime provided Services

Boat Building Yard

Boat Building Yard (BBY) was established in 1999, above 5,000 square meter area at Korangi Fish Harbour. It has a prefabricated shed (135’x 50′) for various kinds of boat construction related work, where GRP layup is specially done in dust controlled enviornment, as per international standards. BBY specializes in GRP boat design, construction, repair and maintenance. It is also geared to construct / repair various types of boats, whether they are wooden, aluminium, steel or composites. BBY has made 43 boats of vaious capacities & sizes successfully.

Rigid Hull Inflatable

RHIBs have expertly been manufactured at BBY utilizing all imported materials, parts and equipment’s from UK and Japan. RHIB uses specially designed seats for shock mitigation to reduce vibration that is harmful to crew and are most suitable for high speed boats. These shock mitigation seats absorb longitudinal & lateral impact and reduce small amplitude frequencies which cause stress and fatigue to rider.

RHIB is modern state of art indigenously manufactured boat which is designed to amicably fulfill the Harbor as well as offshore patrolling obligations. Requisite modifications can be made to meet user requirement.



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