Core Values of Bahria Foundation

15 December

1st October 2018, marks another historic day for the Bahria Foundation, as we have completely overhauled its working structure in terms of Human Resource. Top management gave special emphasis to this very important aspect for development of our organization in this ever changing environment where organizations are fast adopting new trends and innovations in terms of their working style. Our new schema of four pillars has covered all sorts of values and traditions that Bahria Foundations has always stood for.

Maritime Works Organizations MWO is the most important pillar where a lot needs to be done, because this sector as a whole is the most neglected one in our country and if we work and utilize our full potential we can bring a lot of business, jobs and services. There are a lot of opportunities which are still untapped and using our experience back in the navy and with the help of our young professionals, this single most sector can contribute largest share towards national economy and we can fulfill our dream of blue economy.

Bahria Education And Training Services is an important part of Bahria Foundation. It has embarked trademark in education field and it has contributed in various areas in Pakistan. It has more than 86 colleges all over Pakistan, and we stick to our core values to provide quality education and build successful future of our children.

Third pillar where Bahria Foundation generates most of its revenues and employs largest number of personnel is Commercial Businesses, where Bahria Foundation has proved its credibility and trust in the business community of Karachi Metropolis and that’s where originates basis of our new logo Trusted Partner. This pillar has largest area of operation and with our committed team our target is to extend our footprint in all parts of the country in order to provide more jobs and services to our fellow countrymen.

Fourth pillar in this new scheme of restructuring is Bahria Estates, which is largest source of marketing and credibility in terms of our four Bahria Complexes which are standing testament of our commitment towards quality of services. Bahria Foundation aims to continue to render its best services to all its clients with our round the clock efforts, teamwork and our core values.

Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what a company values. They are the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values. Core values educate clients and potential customers about what the company is about and clarify the identity of the company.

Top management of Bahria Foundation believes on defining and using core values as an agent of positive organizational change. We believe on using ways in which progress in adherence to stated core values can be measured and utilized for continuous improvement, positive climate, and job satisfaction.

Core Values of Bahria Foundation after Restructuring

More Improved Organizational Culture Using Core Values

The core values at Bahria Foundation are as follows:


Value integrity and live it by speaking the truth with respect and do the right thing, even if nobody is watching.


Conducting business in an honest and professional manner.


Taking full responsibility for our actions and being fully accountable to customers.
Value for money:

Providing high quality product and service that adds significant value to customers’ businesses.

Customer focus:

Customer satisfaction is a primary objective and guiding principle.


Core values educate clients and potential customers about what the company is about and clarify the identity of the company. Especially in this competitive world, having a set of specific core values that speak to the public is definitely a competitive advantage. Contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility whereas respecting the diversity and giving the best of composition.



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