Bahria Boat Buidling

15 December

Boat building is regarded as the design as well as construction of boats along with their systems. When involved in boat building, other industries also benefit from this. This industry is revenue generating one, but is still under negligence in countries like Pakistan.

Boat building is something that can help the economy out. Boats are used for many purposes. This is for exports and imports and helps a country much. If a country is involved in building boats by themselves, they will not need to buy these from another country. When products need to be safely transported, this can occur in well-built boats. In this way a boat can help in generating revenue for a country. This occurs with the help of boats. If boats are being constructed in a country, these can be used for fishing purposes. If a country does not focus on boat building, they will want to buy boats from another country. This helps the country earn revenue when selling these. So, the country can export boats and get much money from doing this. Boats are used for transportation as well. Some people prefer to travel across the ocean in a boat rather than in an airplane. Special boats can be constructed that are for recreational needs.

Wood is regarded as the traditional boat building material employed for hull as well as spar construction. If a country is involved in boat building, the wood industry also benefits. Boats are required when there is some crisis or accident in water. To help in rescuing, boats are used. Boats can be designed that are for this particular task. Boats are needed in the military field as well. If a country does not focus on this field then they will have to spend money buying boats from other countries. Different kinds of boats can be developed for different activities, according to the activity. If employment opportunities are increased in a country, this helps in generating revenue.

The metal industry including iron and steel also benefit from boat construction. All these industries will get revenue from boat building. The above are industries that benefit from boat building.

Even though boat building is not given its needed importance, Bahria Foundation has a Bahria Maritime Service division that is involved in this activity. The Maritime Division of Bahria Foundation has a Boat Building Yard or BBY. They have a prefabricated type of shed for different types of boat construction connected works. BBY specializes within GRP boat design, construction, maintenance, as well as repair. The Bahria Boat Building Yard even has sufficient infrastructure along with experienced staff trained from the PN Dockyard, Shipyard plus abroad. Bahria Foundation understands the importance of boat building and how it can help in generating revenue for the country. Many areas can benefit from boat building projects. Countries like Pakistan have the resources and port to expand this industry, but it is under negligence. It is important to give boat building importance and advance this field.



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