Corporate Profile

BAHRIA Foundation was established in January 1982 by the Government of Pakistan as a Charitable Trust under the Endowment Act 1890.

The Committee of Administration (COA) headed by Chief of the Naval Staffs as its chairman consists of eight members including the Managing Director of BAHRIA Foundation. Committee of Administration acts as the supreme governing body of BAHRIA Foundation. The Board of Directors headed by Managing Director is the corporate body responsible for overseeing operational activities of the Foundation. The Managing Director being the executive head, conducts administrative and commercial activities of the Foundation.

The Foundation is engaged in diversified industrial, commercial and developmental activities through its three Regional Offices namely: BAHRIA Foundation(South), BAHRIA Foundation(North) and BAHRIA Foundation(Centre). These regional offices are responsible for administration and conduct of commercial activities of all business divisions within their areas of operation.

BAHRIA Foundation excels in the field of education where it has established 45 schools/colleges throughout Pakistan. The Foundation is also participating actively in a number of joint ventures with local and foreign entrepreneurs.

The Foundation owns three prestigious complexes having an area of about 486,000 sq ft. office space at Karachi and has over 4141 employees.

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