Bahria Paints

Bahria Paints

Bahria Paints Unit (BPU) has successfully completed 25 years of excellence (year 1991 to 2016) by providing high quality paints to its valued customers. Bahria Paints factory located at NSSD area, West Wharf Road, Karachi is adequately equipped to produce wide range of products as per international standards. To learn more about Bahria Paints, visit our website

Bahria Paints Unit (BPU) is active Business Unit and subsidiary of Bahria Foundation. BPU has always flown high the banner of Bahria Foundation and supplied paints to Pakistan Navy, COD (Pakistan Army), KPT, SSGC and other Government Organizations. BPU is ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company which offers high quality and durable paints as per satisfaction of customers.

Our Products:


Commercial Paints

  • Plastic Emulsion.
  • Semi-Plastic Emulsion.
  • Weather Guard.
  • Synthetic Enamel.
  • Matt Finish Enamel.
  • Clear Varnish.
  • Red Oxide Primer.
  • Under Coat.
  • Wall Primer Sealer.
  • Wall Putty.
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Marine Paints

  • Bahria Under Coat (Weather Work).
  • Bahria Finishing Paint (Weather Work).
  • Bahria Finishing Paint (Interior Deck & Dadoes).
  • Bahria Finishing Paint (General Service).
  • Bahria Fire Retardant Paint (Interior).
  • Bahria Marking Paints.
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Industrial Paints

  • Industrial Synthetic Enamel.
  • Aluminium Dual Pack Paint.
  • Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer.
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Special Paints

  • Epoxy Primer.
  • Epoxy Paint Finishing.
  • CR Finishing Paint.
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General Manager, Bahria Paints Unit,
Ground Floor, Bahria Complex II,
M.T Khan Road, Karachi – Pakistan.

Tel: +92-21-35610242 (Ext:248)
Fax: +92 21 35610749
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