Future Projects

Future Projects

BAHRIA Sea Foods, Ormara

BAHRIA Foundation (BF) has recently concluded an Agreement with a reputed Karachi-based commercial firm to form a Joint Venture Company for Processing and export of sea foods. The Sea Foods Processing factory is being established at Ormara on a 02 Acres land. The factory will be housing state-of-the-art processing plants and shall start its formal operations by the end of year 2010.

BAHRIA Wind Energy Farms

In line with AEDP policy and keeping in view the electric power shortage in the country, BF has embarked upon comprehensive projects of Wind Energy Farms (WEFs) at different locations, including Ormara and Gharo.


Having appreciated the scope and potential of the growing demand of quality food products, BF is in the process of setting up of BAHRIA Foods on industrial scale. This is wide opening business – to be initially started with a 12-body Flour Mill and followed by other foods.

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