About Us - Overview


Bahria Foundation was established in January 1982 by the Government of Pakistan as a Charitable Trust under the Endowment Act 1890.

The Committee of Administration (COA) headed by Chief of the Naval Staff as its Chairman consists of eight members including the Managing Director of Bahria Foundation. Committee of Administration acts as the supreme governing body of the Bahria Foundation. The Board of Directors headed by Managing Director is the corporate body responsible for overseeing operational activities of the Foundation. The Managing Director being the executive head, conducts administrative and commercial activities of the foundation.

The Foundation is engaged in diversified industrial, commercial and developmental activities through its four pillars namely Bahria Education & Training Services (BEATS), Maritime Works Organization, Commercial Businesses and Bahria Estates. All four pillars reside under Deputy Managing Director (DMD) of each pillar. Alongside, Bahria Foundation operates in three regions of Pakistan, i.e. North, South and Centre.

Bahria Foundation excels in the field of education where it has established 81 schools/colleges throughout Pakistan. The Foundation is also participating actively in a number of joint ventures with local and foreign entrepreneurs.

The Foundation owns five prestigious complexes having an area of about 486,000 sq. ft. office space at Karachi and one complex in Gwadar. Moreover, Bahria Foundation has over 7500 employees in total working in different parts of Pakistan.


To be one of the leading business houses employing the highest ethical and professional standards, that delivers exceptional value for our customers, our employees and our stakeholders. We are fully committed to Building productive, collaborative, trusting and mutually advantageous relationships with governments, other businesses, customers and our colleagues.
Meeting and exceeding our customers' requirements for product and service quality as well as cost competitiveness. Providing our employees a safe, secure and healthy work environment in which they can fulfill their ambitions and aspire to continually improve their circumstances, achieve sustainability and profitable growth through a focus on business excellence and strategic expansion.


The foundation is to establish profitable businesses for welfare of serving and rehabilitation of retired personnel of Pakistan Navy and their dependents including families of shuhadas.


It’s an honor and profound privilege, for me, to head such a professional, dedicated and committed organization. To me Bahria Foundation is amalgam of highly disciplined & experienced retired personnel from Pakistan Navy and talented professionals from all fields, which is key to all our success stories so far, and many more are in the making. Bahria Foundation has, since its establishment in 1982, achieved many milestones, may it be services to humanity in terms of education, training, environment, welfare programs for serving & retired Pakistan Navy personnel, tourism and towards economy in terms of large estate infrastructures, employment and rehabilitation of retired Navy personnel, awareness programs on blue economy & maritime sector with largest share in the shape of projects like LNG Terminal, Bahria Transshipment Hub, Dredging Company to be few of many of them.

Today, 1st October 2018, marks another historic day for the Bahria Foundation, as we have completely overhauled its working structure in terms of Human Resource. I give special emphasis to this very important aspect for development of any organization in this ever changing environment where organizations are fast adopting new trends and innovations in terms of their working style. Our new schema of four pillars will cover all sorts of values and traditions that Bahria Foundations has always stood for. Maritime Works Organizations MWO being very close to my heart is the most important pillar where a lot needs to be done, because this sector as a whole is the most neglected one in our country and if we work and utilize our full potential we can bring a lot of business, jobs and services. There are lot of opportunities which are still untapped and using our experience back in the navy and with the help of our young professionals, this single most sector can contribute largest share towards national economy and we can fulfill our dream of blue economy. Read More